About Me

I am a programmer and a student.
My coding interests include:
  • Ethereum-based decentralized apps
  • Machine learning
  • Ethical hacking
I enjoy going to Rubik's cube competitions, and have even won and placed at a few. I mostly compete in the main 3x3 event, but also enjoy doing it blindfolded and with one hand.

My Projects

NFT Call Options

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The first Ethereum smart contract to enable the trading of call options on NFTs, using equity-settlement and limit orders in order to avoid manipulation.


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A website that summarizes videos using machine learning models. Winner of "Best Use of NLP with Cohere" at HackRPI 2022.


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A decentralized app that allows users to create ERC20 tokens without having to write any code.


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A website that explains how to solve Rubik's cubes blindfolded.

Find Twitter Accounts

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A tool for classifying Twitter profiles based on an example dataset provided by the user, using a machine learning model for classification.

Wrapped USD Coin

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A smart contract and decentralized app interface to bundle USDC blacklisting risks into a contract, made to prove that it could be done. It is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet.


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A web-based 3D NxNxN Rubik's cube simulator is rendered with an isometric projection, based on IsoCubeSim.

WASM Subleq

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A simple Virtual Machine written in raw WebAssembly (WAT).


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A low-cost orderbook-based decentralized exchange for Ethereum.