I am a computer programmer interested in web technologies and security, having programmed multiple projects and submitted security reports to companies. I am most familiar with JavaScript and the Node.js ecosystem, but have worked with other technologies.
As a competitive Rubik's cube solver, I've been to 17 competitions and achieved an average time of 12.49 seconds. I hope to program and maintain a larger project and improve my Rubik's cube times.


  • - This site
  • static-markdown - A node module used to generate this site
  • prooftrade - A low-cost orderbook-based decentralized exchange for Ethereum
  • EasyERC20 - Create ERC20 tokens through an easy-to-use decentralized app
  • WASM Subleq - A very simple VM written in raw WASM (WAT)
  • IsoCubeSimJS - An NxNxN Rubik's cube simulator insprired by IsoCubeSim
  • Grid Trading Bot - A trading bot that profits from price ranges using the exchange KuCoin
  • HashFrame - A website that decodes URL hashes to store content in URLs
  • Vintage Cube Supreme Draft Simulator - Simulates a way of building decks for the game Magic the Gathering
  • Alert Me - A node module for sending notifications through different services